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Nov. 30th, 2009

le code de Bonne Conduite

A Girl from the Past...

Hmmm, Ive been listening to this song since Saturday afternoon. Its like something that stays in your head after a while and stays there, repeatedly.
Seriously, This song keeps playing in my head every friggin now and then. Which is alot for me.
Anyways, As im writing this and listening to it at the same time I cant help but be reminded of a long ago relationship I had with this one girl.
Her name was Sarah and at the time I was with her she meant the world to me. But now I can see from all the cheating she gave me back then and all the lies I can just let it go and Pity the girl.
So, Why is this specific topic being Brought up? Because she added me on Myspace after a couple of years. I had forgoten about her completely and she comes back lol.
I shall tell the tale of how I met and how this came to be with her.

So, Its the summer of the year 2001. Im bored as hell and theres nothing to do, What does my dad think of? Summer Camp. The most cliche american activity for kids.
He finds a flyer for a week summer camp that takes us up north to a camp site. I personally loved the place and would love to go back one more time.

I must tell you though, This was the point of my life where I had no friends at all and spent all day on the computer playing Starcraft.
So my dad thought it would have been a good idea that I should get out more, and since theres almost nothing to do unless you have friends he wanted me to make some.

First day (Monday) there he drops me off at some parking lot in front of a fucking far-away Walmart. Where theres about 50kids all boarding a bus and leaving their bags in the storage.
I leave my bag in the big pile where they pick them up and load them and I say goodbye to my pops for this is going to be an adventure (I brought like this whole bag Of cereal as well xD, Fucking Fruity pebbles Rock).
So I'm on the bus and I dont know anyone for shit, So I end up sitting down in the middle of the bus next to someone I dont even know, And me being anti-Social like I was Didnt say a word and ended up being a weirdo (I guess).
We get there after 2-3Hrs of bus traveling and me listening to my CD player of mixed CDs burned from my sis of some kick-ass songs, We get our bags and start walking towards the tents, We're all following the camp leader (Some orginazing dude that looked important but I guess he was a volounteer).
We get to the tents, leave our stuff and head down this little trail path to this sort of big ampatheater (Cant remember how to spell those), and We listen to some lecture on how this is going to all work out.
The first couple of days were normal, Showers were a pain in the ass with cold water, We all had to get up early every morning and go to the freazing fucking lake and dip into it all the way.
By Friday Ive made a couple of aquantinces (Some who I never talked to again, Well... All of them lol..), And Made good conversation with the Camp leaders and especially the Cooks haha. Anyways, on Friday there was this special dance thing.
Thats where I met her. The girl destined to be my Girlfriend for about 2years of my pathetic Childhood. Yes, Sarah (Dont wanna say her last name because She might get stalked xP).
It was a nice dance, very cheezy, Disco ball haning and twirling the lights around, lots of Kick-ass music from 2001, They played "American Pie" which was super epic having alot of kids at a time Singing it.
And I go outside to take a breath of Fresh air and Look at the night sky (Being the Loner that I was I loved my alone time, Oh and to this day, I still love the night sky Its something Magical), I see this Blonde, blue eyed girl crying her heart out.
At first I dont Pay attention to her because she seems like quite an annoyance, then momments later I see shes kinda hot and looks depressed. I ask her if shes ok, And she starts out saying "yeah", Then I coax her into talking more.
She tells me this story about her Bf "Ryan" who let her go before she came to camp, or something like that. I take advantage being the little shit I am and introduce myself, Being all nice and asking her to dance and etc.
By the end of the night I have my tounge Down her throat and she feels fine (Later to cry again and feel like shes cheating on her bf who let her go). Still I felt pretty epic.
I end up finding out she lives in my same town, except shes like 30mins away by car, She lives to this day at the same shitty ranch she was when I first met her. So we start talking and shit more, pass AIM and share emails, etc.
We became good friends or lovers I dont know how to call it, She was my girlfriend then she wasnt then she was, It was all when it was convenient for her. After a shitload of Crap that I had to endure, like her Fake Cousin who she made up with an accent and everything on her phone calls.
Her leading me on while having a guy to the side at the same time. I mean this girl was a fucking Douche. She played with me alot and we would Kiss and touch and stuff. I was only 11 so kudos to me :3
Anyways, After a long time she finnally wants to make it officiall. She calls me up and after 2hrs of talking she asks if I want to go out with her. I litterally drop the phone and pick it up momments after surprised, She says "Well?" as Im about to answer her with a big Yes she says "Hold on I have another call coming through".
So I say "Ok" really fast wanting to say yes. And to my Surprise... I CAN HEAR THE FUCKING CONVERSATION FROM HER SIDE. I hate fucking phones. I hear her saying "Oh... Ryan. What do you want?" All Serious, so I think shes going to dump him and shit. As she progresses in the 10min convo I had to endure she ends up "Falling back in love with him" and leaving my out of the pricture.
She puts me back and tells me the news. To this day, I still dont know if she was fucking with me the whole time or not. Still I was pissed. We talk a bit more as friends, Then less, and less and Then I move to San Francisco for a year and I dissapear from her life. She dosent even Notice the Whore!
I come back to Sac for 2months and I start talking again because at that age (12) I was obsessed with her... And she dosent even notice that I dissapeared, She just says "oh, long time no see".
From that momment onward I was pissed off royally. So I ended up wanting to move to Argentina (Not because of her though lol, I really liked the Country) and I never talked to her again because Her email has like Stopped working.
I Came across her myspace and sent her a message out of pure Curisoty asking how shes doing etc. Shes doing ok so we talk a bit more. By the Next time I visit the states in 2006 I think, I see her again at her Ranch. She got bigger and Uglier'ish. (Not fat lol, just taller)
We talk for a bit about books and life and we end up going to a playground close by, And I try to kiss her because of the obsession I had in me, And I got rejected again (Which was my fault anyways since she was in a relationship).
After that I never see nor talk to her again. Now all of the sudden see her add me on myspace. Ill see where this goes and post on this later.

Anyways It wasnt a fun childhood, I dont feel like getting into it now though, Too many bad memories and shit...

Sorry, But right now I just dont feel like making a tip out so Number 3 will be tommorow. Love you all But im just super down xP...
Ive Decided not to post a tip today for I am too Annoyed.

Nov. 28th, 2009

le code de Bonne Conduite

(no subject)

For some reason after seeing this I thought I should just embed it because it has 2 things from my childhood'ood.
The band, one of my favorites Smash Mouth, Yeah. This band is like my whole 10th year of life, Since my sister bought the "Astro Lounge" album, I just couldnt help but keep asking for it. Just like her "Fashion nugget" Album by Cake, That I later got as a Xmas present from her. My sister has been one of my biggest influences in Life since I was a wee Toddler. My favorite PC game of all time "Starcraft" was shown to me by her as well. So yeah. ANYWAYS! I have some big/small news.

Im currently at my best friends house (Gabe), and im using his Kick-ass HP laptop, 4gb of RAM, Windows 7 (used to have Vista untill I got him a Cracked 7 Ver.), AMD Turion X2 64x bit, ATI Radeon Graphics, the works. And Ive got the Biggest Hangover ive ever had in my life, Its like my head had a nuke Shot into it and it exploded leaving a trail of smoke out my ears xP. Since Im here, Im just looking up on youtube some of my old favorite songs, Currently while Writing this paragraph im listening to "radio" by Smash Mouth as well, So just to tell you the Whole album is going to be heard throughout this house hahaha.

Nothing much or cool to talk about other Than I feel like crap and I have Jewish Youth Group today.
Yeah, its kind of this weird thing Gabe invited me to one Saturday at around 6:30pm. We go every saturday now because its just so awesome. I made a couple of Friends from the whole group that I see on a regular basis, Most of them go to the same school as gabe does. Its a pretty big school in this City, Got a Whole campus and about 5stories of classrooms and computer tech lounges. The school in Spanish is called "Escuelas Technicas ORT" Which is a Jewish school for Computer Science and all that, I swear hes got a kickass computer there as well, Every classroom has these kick-ass desktop machines with 2 screens each, SOB. So anyway, To get back on topic this Youth group is comprised of 3 different types of Groups. The Big kids (Im in there with them), The Medium kids (gabes brother Lucas is in there with one of My Ex Gf's, yeah I went out with a girl about 3 years younger than me hahaha, and they never live it down on me, Its like "Oh yeahhh, bryan you are such a Pedo" and it annoys the Fuck out of me, Even his mom is like "So bryan, How is Nicole?" >.<) And the smaller kids group which I dont know any of the kids in there because they are way too small hahaha. We basically do cheezy activitys in group and talk about jewish incidents. Its fun sometimes but gets annoying and one time I just really didnt want to go anymore. But then I learned to love that little group of jewish Kids and They really just grew on me, Despite the fact they are the type of kids who do the "same-old" same-old everytime. Not like me and gabe who go out without a plan and end up getting FUCKED UP like we did last night. Seriously I think that bar idea was a bad thing, Especially the shot of whiskey we took after 2 bottles of Heinekin. Im so proud of gabe since before I came in he wouldnt have done this kind of crazy shit with his regular friends. It just makes me so happy that I influence people with a shitload of bad habits, And you know what? Im damn fucking Proud of it :3

-Continuation- Its currently 5:30 because I had to leave this as a draft and I really didnt know where I was xD.
Ill just continue on saying that DONT DRINK OJ OR SHIT LIKE THAT WHEN YOU HAVE A HANGOVER! >.<!

Right now im listening to "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" by The Flaming Lips.

So, This would be the second Tip I will be giving out now :3
I hope you guys are ready :D

So heres my: Daily Tip of the Day, For those who want to give a better social output and or Get girls or at least know how to meet people haha, Whatever.

First of all before writing this I just want to Say I love my best friend gabe because I dont know what and I give a shoutout to all my homies reading this.

Tip #2
Whether you already know your life goals or just need a little prodding, todays exercise will help you set your intent and program your mind for success.
To quote the famous J.C Penney, founder of the founder of the department chain store, "Give me a man with goals, and Ill give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals, and Ill give you a stock Clerk"
If you still have the last sheet of paper that you wrote your first goals and personal evaluation, write on the same sheet or combine another sheet with it and write the next questions. Answer them carefully and truthfully, Remember THIS IS FOR YOU! :D

1. What three accomplishments would you like to achieve to make you happier?

2. What are the Reasons these accomplishments will make you happier?

3.What is your personal Misson?
I will become ____(Insert Role here)___ (Maximum 4 words), Who will ___(insert Claim to fame here)___(maximum 4 words), Within __(Insert number of Days/weeks/Months)

4. List three specific Results that will let you know that youve accomplished your mission. (For example, I will have earned 200,000$, I will have lost 30pounds, Etc.)

A. I will have __________(Action Verb) _______(Number) _____(Aspect)
B I will have __________(Action Verb) _______(Number) _____(Aspect)
C. I will have __________(Action Verb) _______(Number) _____(Aspect)

5. Why are you now fully commited to pursuing your personal Mission?

Becayse if I dont purse it now, I will continue to suffer over the next years and
* My ___________________(Element/Quality of Life) Will decrease/get worse/fail
* My ___________________(Element/Quality of Life) Will decrease/get worse/fail
* My ___________________(Element/Quality of Life) Will decrease/get worse/fail

But if I do pursue it now I, I will enjoy the next years and

* My ___________________(Element/Quality of Life) Will Increase/Improve/Come true
* My ___________________(Element/Quality of Life) Will Increase/Improve/Come true
* My ___________________(Element/Quality of Life) Will Increase/Improve/Come true

Mmk, What I want you to do today is fairly Simple, Its a small task like yesterday, I want you to talk to 5 strangers today, like yesterday, But! Look into their Eyes and try to feel what they are feeling at the current momment, This will boost and increase interest between you both, If you do not find this successfull move onto the next person like yesterday, It can be a business man on the Street, a Lady in the line, A bus driver, Even a Homeless guy~ Go for it! :D

Remember, nothing will improve until you try!

Thats all for today, and Im so happy I completed this haha~
Right now Im heading back to gabes house so we can go to The Jewish Youth Group! :D

P.S. Check out this band called Lydia and their album "Illuminate" ITS FUCKING AWESOME! :D

Nov. 27th, 2009

le code de Bonne Conduite

(no subject)

Well, I just wanted to Try out and see if youtube videos Work on this site. I really have a couple of Things I really wanted to show you guys if anyone is really reading my Livejournal, I dont really care though since this isnt intended to go Mainstream, If in any case it actually does go mainstream ill just be happy alot of people like what I say. But for now im just small and Glad to be a part of Something where I can express my daily Feelings. The current video is the only one I could find that was decent for a song I really like Called "Dont save us from the Flames, By M83.

On my last post yesterday I Mentioned I will be Giving tips on how to Romance and basically Get the Girl or whatever you want.
So At the end of Every post I will be giving small little hints on how to improve youre daily output on what you do, basically any problem that you might have hehe. Dont worry girls this goes for you too, Ever wanted to know how to get that Guy youve always wanted but couldnt really say anything? This might just help you as well.

Also, If you want to know something Certain just PM me or Comment on every post for any question you could have, Ill try my best to get back at you ASAP ;D

Mmk, So today is Friday. Firday is usually a ritual day for me, I get up, Go to school and come back, Sleep then plan what im going to do at the last minute, Most of the time my best friend Gabe dosent have anything planned either (unless he or me gets a call earlier that said week and we are inquired to do something with an other). so we head on out, meet up and plan at the last second what to do. We usually end up doing the same thing every friday anyways lol. Meet up, check movie times, if the movies suck, we call friends and try to make a mini house party, And if all else fails, Night Clubbing. Oh yeah hahaha.

Its currently 3pm, I got up about 2hrs ago from my after-school friday nap haha. It feels good to sleep, it really does.
Last night was pretty good as well since I stayed up until around 4am, talking to this really amazing Girl. Her names Veni and I wont say anything else because who knows what kinds of stalkers there are on this site. Anyways, I met her about 3years ago when Gabe had his Bvarmitzvah. Yes as you probobly imagine'd shes his sister, Half sister technically, but his sister lol, It was her Birthday yesterday night so I was on webcam seeing her and her friends while they saw me as well (Im too lazy to use propper Grammer, Bear with me lol...). So we had a video call for a while and she and her friends were like Super hotzorz, I felt like I was in heaven playing it cool and all. Her one friend I swear I would date her in a heartbeat if she was single, Morgan. She has a shizload in common with me and its really scary how she seems so much like my friend Shawna From Massachusets. But Shes actually alot more Open and Listens to a ton of music I like. Recently this whole Indie output ive been having is giving me a social boost and makes it easier to find things in common with people since Im super akward sometimes. I try to Deflect my akwardness away from me by being super random, and most of the time it works like a charm.

So Now that Ive gotten what I did last night and probobly what im going to be doing today I think Ill give you a couple of Updates on 2-3 bands I really like.

Mmk, I wonder how many people has heard of Bloc Party, If for one do not really like most of their songs but I cant help but love their Singles "Helicopter" and "Banquet". I mean seriously lol, They are addictive at times.

This might seem really oldish but I really am enjoying Listening to 3 Days Grace, This band Is hella Good, The vocals in some songs make Maryln Manson seem like a pussy. Like the Song "I hate everything about you" When he gets to the Chorus its like having an Eargasm.

Personally to me, I think the entire Maserati Album Inventions of the New Season Shouldve been in the soundtrack for Halo 2 or at least some kick-ass game like starcraft hahaha. Still, Its really good if you like Bands with no vocals that shred cool lycs for kick-ass backround music.

Mmk, Thats about if for bands today haha, If you liked them please comment as well if you actually are reading this~

OK! SO! heres my : Daily Tip of the Day, For those who want to give a better social output and or Get girls or at least know how to meet people haha, Whatever.

To start off Id like to thank a big community which I wont talk about much right now, but Later on I might. And to thank my best friend For bare'ing with my crap everyday and keeping me strong, A friendship of Brothers is hard to come by.

Tip #1.
Evaluate yourself.
Fitness programs require you to weigh in on the first day. Finnancial Plans ask for a list of assets and debts. So to Revamp your social life, you'll need to make a social Assesment of yourself. So your first task is to write and answer the following questions.
Dont care what other people might think since to get ahead in what you want, you need to be tottally honest with yourself.

1. Write 1 or 2 sentences describing how you believe other people Currently percieve you.
2. Write 1 or 2 sentences describing how youd like to be percieved by others.
3. List 3 of your behaviors or generalities you would like to change.
4. List 3 new behaviors or generalities you would like to adopt.

Now You have some Goals you would like to accomplish! :D
Dont you feel slightly better that you have something that you actually want to get to do?
A life without Goals is a hallow one. Have you ever wanted something so bad you just needed to have it when you saw it. And when you finnally got it you realized how normal and ok it is now that you have it. Thats a hallow feeling. But the Process of aquiring it, was like a mission! something you had to accomplish, and that adds more flame to your soul! So Take these questions and answer them with every truth you can think of, You can write more or less than the number required so just go for it. But you need to be completely Honest!

Now that you have some goals I want you to know a couple of things that limits social behavior between most people.
When I started studying psychology around 10 by googling around Human traits, characteristics, behaviors, etc. it became very clear that most people have beliefs that arent true for shit. These are called Limiters, What I need you to do is read this with utmost care and attention!

1st limiting belief: If I talk to a random person, They might just ignore me or call me out and Embaress me.
Reality: The harder it is to talk to someone random or someone youve never met before, The less likely it is that you'll be rudely Rejected. Why is that? Because most people have been raised to be courtious and polite unless they feel threatend, and a a shy guy or girl isnt too likely to intimidate anyone. The worst Thing that might happen is that they will politely say they are busy or will simply excuse themselfs. Playing Negative what-if scenarios in your head is detrimental to your emotional Health. Instead of staying at home, Go out and meet new people, Youll be surprised at how they react differently than most of those scenarios in your head.

2nd Limiting belief: People are looking at me, judging me on everything that I do.
Reality: This is Half right. People constantly look around and think what they want for other people. But Id like you to take something into account. First, Whens the last time you made fun of somebody in your head? Did you tell anyone about it? The likeliness of you doing this is the same likeliness as the other person is. We are all human and most of us have the same output. So in turn when you think theyre making fun of you when you get looked at or smiled at, It might be the same thing you think when you smile or look at someone else. After all, People May notice you but it dosent mean theyre necessarily Judging you, Most people are constantly worrying about what other people think of them. Once you realize that most people are like you and that theyre actually seeking your approval youll start to become socially Fearless.

3rd Limiting Belief: Women are'nt attracted to nice guys. They like Jerks.
Reality: This is one of the oldest myths about dating. And fortunately its inaccurate. Its not actually Nice guys, good boys or bad boys, But really Weaker and Stronger Males. Most nice guys I know are the type that say they tried their best but hardly did anything. They are like the Doormats of Society. Woman are Drawn to men who demonstrate their Strength, dose'nt have to be physical, but women like to feel safe and secure. So you can still be nice but you also have to be strong.
However, make sure you know what nice means. Most guys who define themselfs as too nice only behave nicely because they want everybody to like them and dont want anyone to think badly of them. So if this is you, Get off your nice horse and don't mistake being fearful and weak-minded for being nice.

4th Limiting Belief: Im not good looking, Rich, or famous enough to be with that very hot Person (Guys and girls)
Reality: There are plenty of Rock Stars and multi millionares who share the same exact problem as you do. I know this because you might think celebritys are getting hot girls but all they are is dating other celebritys for publicty, etc. Think about it, How many celebrities have been with random beautiful women or hot guys in a relationship? NOT MANY.
I learned that money, looks, fame, while they certainly make things easier, arent actually necessary. Fortunately for men, the way we look dosent matter as much nearly as how we present ourselfs. And this requires grooming, clothing that conveys an attractive personality. For girls its harder to find that right man when about 80% of what they like in a girl is their looks, For women it dosent take that much either though, If you have an attractive personality then youll be able to get away with about 50% of that look filter men have. When it comes to wealth and fame simply displaying our identity the desire and ability to achive them can be just as powerfull, Thats why we have goals in our life. Like talent scouts many women are attracted to me with goals and potential. As guys are attracted to women who are ok with most things they like and do and dont complain as much (Sorry but its a fact, Most guys are shallow).

5th Limiting Belief: Theres this one Person...
Reality: Theres many men and women in this world that you could like or love. if youre hung out on one particular person you just cant get out of your mind, and she hasnt given you any sense that she shares the Feelings, Then Recognize its not love as a feeling but an obsession. And that obsession is likely to scare that person away. The best you can do for yourself and for the other is go out and interact with many other people of the Opposite sex until you realize that there are plenty of People out there for you, Some of whom are capable of Recognizing your worth and reciprocating your feelings.

6th limiting belief: Some people are born with the ability to charm another. Other guys just dont have it.
Reality: Fortunately, Theres a third type of person, One who can learn it. And thats me. And once you understand how attraction and socialization works and have a few succesfull approaches under you belt, itll be you too. Any problems you may currently be having arent the result of who you are, but what youre doing and how youre presenting yourself. Those probelms can be fixed easily with the right knowledge and a little Practice.

7th Limiting Belief: All I have to do is "Be myself" and eventually ill meet the Right Guy/Girl. who likes me for me.
Reality: This only works if you know exactly who you are, what your strengths are, and how to convey them succesfully. Most often, This statement is used as an excuse not to improve. What most of us present to the world isnt necessarily our true self: Its a combination of years of bad habits and fear-based behavior. Out real self lies buried underneath all of those insecurities and inhibitions. So rather than just being yourself Focus on discovering and permanatly bringing to the surface your best self.

8th Limitling Belief: To figure out what women or men want, Just ask them.
Reality: This may be true sometimes, But not as often as many people think. it wasnt until I started trying behaviors that seemed counterintuitive that I discovered a key principle in this: What women or men want isnt necessarliy what they respond to. Furthermore, what they say they want isnt necessarily what they want in a relationship, but it isnt always what attraccts them during courtship period. That said, Most people with give you the info on what you need to attract them, But its usually found inbetween the lines.

9th limiting belief: If I approach a person, theyll know im hitting on them and itll be lame.
Reality: This is only partly true, Women or men think this is only when they get approached badly. This includes the person who makes them uncomfortable, creep them out, or seem to have an agenda. The biggest mistake a person can make when hitting on another is hitting on them before their attracted to you. And though this describes the so called technique of Most men, its a mistake youll want to avoid. Just keep following my daily tips and youll see! :D
Few people will resent meeting someone who is warm, funny, sincere, engaging, makes them feel comfortable, and isnt going to stick around talking their ear off.

Limiting belief 10: Women dont like sex as much as men do. Theyre mostly interested in having a relationship (For guys only lol)
Reality: If you believe that, you havent spent enough time around women. Here are a few facts that may help dispel that belief: Its women, rarely men, who have an organ soley made for sexual pleasure: The Clitoris, which has twise as many nerve endings as a mans entire penis. And its women, not men, whose orgasms can last minutes or longer. Most men have just one orgasm and they lose their arousal; Most women can have countless number of orgasms and many different types (Which I will not get into right now lol), But i will say its their whole downstairs and psycholagnic (Look it up). In short, Good sex is even better for women than it is for us. So dosent it make sense that they want it more?

To finish with this, I want you to Do something for youself, Whether youre a girl or a guy I need you to do something if you ever want to be more social. I want you to make small talk with five strangers today. It dosent matter whether young, old, men, women, Friendly or unfriendly. The stranger can be a business man on the street, an old lady in the supermarket line, a hostess at a restaurant, a homeless person, Etc. The goal is to simply start a conversation.
It dosent have to progress beyond a comment or response. If Idle chatter dosent come naturally to you then scan the news headlines before you leave home. Small topics include, Wheather, Sports Current events, Etertainment, etc.

Remember the answer dosent matter, whether you recieve a long story or a cursory grunt in response, Youve completed this task by simply opening your mouth and talking to someone.

Nov. 26th, 2009

le code de Bonne Conduite

~I was mistaken, Today is thanksgiving hahaha~

Well this sucks! I thought yesterday was thanksgiving and I already had given you guys my mini Rant! Fuck... I thought Thanksgiving was the 25, but nop, It had to be the 4th day before The month ended. Anyways:


And I hope you guys really enjoy it like I wont. Ill Probobly convince my dad to take me to this New japanese Restaurant called Benihana, Which I used to eat alot in Sac-Town when I lived there. My dad made alot of income so we could afford to eat there once every 2 weeks, The other days we would eat at home and some rare days when we felt family'ish We ate at a Nice place called Fresh Choice, and sometimes to The Olive Garden. God I love those Goddamn Breadsticks and I wish I could eat more of them now If I knew How to make them! Im probobly going to search for the Recipe after I finish this Post, But for now Ill just keep heading onto what I want to Talk/Rant about today. Lets see... How about Family's. Since today is supposed to be a family Holiday I think ill go for it

My family hasnt always been about Love and Happiness really. We were the Distant kinds of people that stayed in our own shit when we were doing something. No Family game Nights, No days where we all get along like one (As Disney would put it) "Normal Family". Which is complete bullshit. I hate disney and its constant refferences to whats cool, whats wrong and whats right. When I get older im going to tell my kids to not watch disney and stay with anime and cool manga, Because everyone knows, Disney channel really Brainwashes kids into like Fucktards. Im glad I was an Adult Swim and Toonami kid :D (Too bad Toonami Died off xP, it was cool until they made tom into some fucking Telitubbie gone cyborg).

Anyways, What I was getting at was the word Normal, What is normal? How do we define what Normal is.
I really dont know and dont care so Ill say what I believe to be right (Since thats what blogs are for, proving were right and dictionary's Suck). Normal to me would have to be something im used to on a daily basis, Dosent have to be Chronic or rare, It could be anything. To me when something has happend It becomes automatically normal to me. Say for example, Ive ridden on First class on boing jets before and It became completely Normal, but I dont complain aboutt Business class or Coach at all. Because Ive been through it before. The same thing for when I Do something that may not be socially accepted, Like a couple of times ive met people who get So Riled up because they tried to commit Suicide. Ok. lets see here, Does it really matter if you Commited or not? The main thing is that youre here and we care for you. If no-one cares for you thats your problem, Make people care for you. How?, you may ask. Ill tell you, Meet new fucking people. Period. I cant help but bitch at countless people who dont understand the concept of something that isnt good for them. Like when my dad had a Girlfriend Named Alina, I knew she was fucking psycho, but my dad would admit it, Even though she bitched at him and treated him like shit, He constantly told me that "Youre Young Bryan, You wouldnt get love at my age" and I responded with "... Mmkk dad? Ive told you this countless times lol. Meet some fucking new people and leave the assholes behind!" See my point? Anyways Im deriving from topic, Lesson here is that You shouldnt be with someone who dosent accept you for who you are or constantly bitches at you for nothing. Leave them Behind and Move on! :D (You can always make new friends and with the Right mindset, youll be able to have whatever you want)

Anyways! I dont consider it normal to be in Family as my dad likes to call it. I consider him my roommate who pays for my expenses and gives me advice. He's like my dad but always wants to fucking do shit together. We end up doing something he likes since he dosent like anything I like (Video games, anime, Comics, Pick-up, etc.). If youre one of those people who do everything with your family, Go out alot on camping trips and stuff like that, Im so glad for you! :D but for me no. No Family is Considered normal or not, its what you percieve as what you think is right. And what I think is everyone can have their own opinion and ways on doing things.

Mmk, that set Aside, ive been listening to alot more Rock, This morning while taking a shower I flipped on Explosions in the Sky on my Cellphone for about 10minutes before I had to run out and Eat some Cocoa Puffs. YES! I LOVE COCOA PUFFS! :D

Right now im currently listening to the 2009 Album from Mastodon, "Crack in the Skye". It sounds really good and Im liking it alot. I highly reccomend it to those who Like some kind of backround Metal-type songs.

Also, ive been listening to alot of Saosin, imagine a Post-hardcore Band with no Screamo involved. Vocals sound like a mix between the guy from Escape the Fate and All american Rejects (I dont know much about AAR in the vocals but its the first thing that came into my head haha).

OH! Big news! Im moving to San Luis Obispo, CA in Febuary! :D
Im so happy, Im going to Experience a US public High School! :D ( I bet with all my social skills and psychology learned down here I can tottally make my own kick-ass social circle ).

Im Going to start posting Game here too. So all of you who would like to learn how to meet girls and women easier, I suggest you tune in hehe~ See you guys tommorow! :3 (Ballsack lol...)

Nov. 25th, 2009

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Boredomness of a Thanksgiving~

Yes... Its true, Argentina dosent have much US holidays, Except Xmas (But that's almost all around the world so fuck that shit lol). Im currently sitting down on my nice leather white'ish Sofa, Ive got a Civics book right next to me for reading when my dad comes through the door so I can show him im at least studying (not really..).

I'm continuing with my thought on how I think this is a blog site and still waiting for someone to set me right on my wrongs or congratulate me on my epic Failure of a Blog Lmao. Still until then I will keep writing long ass boring post's. Because Im just that awesome haha.

Well, to start it off, Waking up daily is a hassle unless you have something to get you motivated and something that actually reminds you its time to wake up. My motivation is knowing that if I dont go to school, my dad will beat the crap out of me (Not litterally... but Being Chewed out is friggin annoying). And secondly My alarm. I have this samsung phone that probobly came out in 2004 or something like that, Its got mp3 and headpones, Lord all mighty its awesome like that. I have 3 separate alarms, one at 6:30 to tell me im gonna have to get up in 30mins that goes off again and again, Which is nice because its a good tune, Ill get back to it but first I wanted to tell you a little story:

About 2months ago I was downloading movies DVDripped and shtuff on torrents (This is before I had a megaupload account, GOD BLESS FUCKING MEGAUPLOAD! :D), and I looked up recent Dvd's that came out on "moviephone" (For all of you who dont know what moviephone is, Just go to Moviephone). And I saw this new movie that came out called "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist". Now... Im not one to really enjoy movies alot but this movie was really good, Set aside from all the Hollywood Industry movies that you see everyday (Fucking Steven Segal xP).
"Its based on some indie kid that makes a shitload of playlists for his Girlfriend whos a total bitch, He meets some girl named Norah who happens to be the Girlfriends Friend. The Girlfriend Breaks up with nick and he gets all sad and lifeless, until he realizes that he has a chance with other girls, Little did he know, Norah was secretly in love with him for his taste of music even though They never have met before." Bascially the movie was good and the Music was awesome. I downloaded the soundtrack from a spanish Warez site called Taringa. And I loved it :D

Coming back to Mornings and my alarm Ringtone which happens to be one from the soundtrack, its called "Last Words" By The Real Tuesday Weld. I like the band because its a really indie and experimental kind of thing. Anyways, you should check out the Video on youtube that im too lazy to link up right now xD. Following up from that alarm that goes off every 5minutes (I really never get tired of it hehe), at around 7am maybe, The song "E-Pro" From Beck Comes on. Im sure you all know how that would want to make you get the fuck up to Turn it off lol.

I get in the Shower 2minutes later after placing the Floor towel and I take a nice really fast shower or else I dont eat breakfast (Which sometimes happens... Like today for example, Im fucking hungry and still starving haha). If im still in the Shower by 7:20, the alarm goes off again with "Last words" Since its a nice song. What I dont like is that where I place my phone it fucking falls down because of the phones Vibrations xP... So I have to dry my hand if Im still in the Shower to Hit the Ok button saying I got it.

Well, school is as usual boring and dumb. I got One 8 today in a Bio Test. A 6 in a Civics Test and a 4 in a Math Test.
Yeah, Grading is different here since the grades are from 1-10. A passing grade is 6 which would be like a C lol.

Ill tell you about the School system in another Comment later on this Blogish journal thing. Maybe tommorow and maybe next week, im still happy Im actually following through and writing one Everyday hahah :D

-BanYa Aka MarthXII

Nov. 24th, 2009

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Writer's Block: I need my space ...

Do you tend to get turned off when someone you start dating seems too interested too soon? How do you politely tell someone to stop being so clingy?

Well, this debate mostly fucks up royally a relationship, you must be careful.
What I would do in this case is sit down and have a talk, Dont make it all serious or else the other might think you want to break it off, If you are the kind of person that is very good with words and socializing like me, you might want to start off with them laughing, So have a big smile and tell them a few things about themselfs to start off, "Youre very nice and I really like you", Anything you can think of that has a bit of humour "I was thinking that the only people I would ever get to meet as cool as you were already dead or hollywood Stars! Like Billy Mays!" (Humour is lifes Drive, as Love is lifes gasoline), This will catch them off-guard from the Seriousness. Then all you have to say is Very clearly, No dilly-dallying or having a momment where you pause to think about it, Tell this significant other what you're feeling exactly. In my case it would be something like "(*joke* hahaha, But Really I needed to talk to you about something important that ive been really thinking of lately, It feels like we're spending too much time together haha, I love being with you but I'd Really like my own space sometimes, Dont get me wrong haha, I love being with you as much as I know you love being with me, but sometimes I get those Cravings to walk half nude around the house Scratching my butt, Some alone time :D." Then work on a few things you guys can do separately.

Never go in too serious. Never go in with "I think we need some time apart" in mind. It will drastically change your output. You need to say what you want to say but in a way the other person will get it perfectly. If this significant other is dating you, then you should really know how this person functions and works. Its basic psychology.

Anyways, Good luck with that :D, and im sure it will turn out fine. If it dosent then I should really Leave before im ranted at Hahaha~ :)
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Wall-Cherry Popping

So this is it... The big one. The Cherry Popper, The First Post I will ever make. Its so Exciting yet so weird. It feels like Having sex for the First time when you reach a woman's downstairs and You pull down those Panties and youre so excited because you feel like you're having a Life-time Breakthrough, only to see something that Confuses you deeply because its not what you expected from watching so Much Hentai and forgetting about real-life Porn. YES! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! MY FIRST POST! (This Reminds me of Facebook when my sister Popped my Wall-Cherry) This time its my turn! :D

So Lets talk about the now! :
Im currently 16 writing this and My last Birthday was last September in 2009. No, I did not get anything (Other than a kick-ass Skateboard that my best Friend Gabe Got me. I love that guy so Fucking much in the Platonic way!).
Im currently Living in Argentina, Buenos Aires (The Capital and Main City). There are an abundance of latinos but no black people, Im serious, I have'nt seen any Africans or African-Americans in like 4years xP... The Date is november 24 and Im going to Pretty much Get killed by my dad since I shouldnt be on the computer, But since im a ninja/Sneaking little Shit (As my dad loves to call me) I feel pretty good about myself.
Im currently listening to an Agalloch Album (I cant remember what its called, but im playing it on my xbox Via Pendrive), The Current song on is "Fire Above, Ice Below" I'm really Liking it alot :D

So. What will the Future hold for this Live journal? I really dont know lol... I just saw my friends Live journal and I was like "I NEED TO MAKE ONE!" I hope Ill follow this one and not leave it aside as a Boring Project Like I usually Do lmao.. (Forums, Games, Wood-stuff, Hobo Studying, etc)

For now Ill just say some basic stuff about my day and maybe Blog a bit :
Today was a slow day, Its currently 6pm and my dad is in the Next town over, hes talking to my grandpa who I like to call Opa (Since thats German For Grandpa, yes my family is a direct Descendant from Germany, russia, and I think Finland. Well at least im a Jew and not a fucking Naxi :D! )

I just saw the new Zero Punctuation Video that I missed from Last Weekend, and a Couple nostalgia Critic Videos as well.
- Posting Links like this since I really dont know how to Put One or two word links... xP

These guys are Hella Funny and always make me laugh my socks off xD.

Also Reading a couple of Webcomics, I have "Little Gamers", "Bunny", "VideoGame Cats", "Rod and Elliot" and "Questionable Content" Currently open in some Tabs on my Mozilla Firefox, Oh yeah! Mozzilla Rocks! Fuck Google Chrome, Fucking IE with its unsafeness and Most of all Fuck netscape that really pissed me off in 1999 xP... lmao...

I just found out how to Anchor a Text into being a Link lmao... Im too lazy to change the Links I made first so Ill leave them there as a notice that not everyone is fucking Perfect :3 ( Is it just me, Or does the face :3 Look like a Ballsack, my friend Paul really got me thinking about that when he told me it actually did look like one xD )

Anyways, I think Ill get back to My Moshing of Webcomics and Halo ODST :D
I have an Xbox 360 btw, But I was banned for Flashing my Console Lmao... Sucks, dosent it? (I violated the terms of Use so I really shouldnt complain... Im one of those guys who dont complain about stupid shit like "Fuck that teacher for giving me a bad grade" or "Fuck that girl for turning me down" its always my fault one way or another when failure Comes, Whether you approached a girl the Wrong way or said something she didnt like or Didnt study for a test. Im Reasonable like that :3... Like a Ballsack xD... )