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Eat the Cake~

Well, Reading this "Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself:" I can Tell im going to have to Write a few things about myself, Im a Really "Get it done in that amount of time" Kind of Person but with the "If im passing the time I put for the thing I want to get done ill just get lazy". Yes, I use alot of Caps for random words I want to Highlight at times (It comes engraved in my head for some Reason). I like things clean and nice, but most times im just really too lazy to acomplish this Cleanliness that I want to appear magically, I suppose its sort of like when you open the Fridge and Expect there to Be some Pudding/Chocolate/beans, Whatever you always love to munch on, But in the bare truth you always know its not gonna be there, You just open the fridge wishing it would magically appear. Which leads to another things about myself, I actually do that alot, Except I mostly Do that with my pantry expecting there to be chips or some kind of Fucking Snack (Cookies... Fucking Oreos) When I know I need to go to the Supermarket and Stock up on them.

I love Watching movies that are funny (yes... Sounds really retarded, I know... But I really cant find any other way to say it) my sense of Funny is Hearing something Really creepy, or hearing about someones suffering, or Bill Murray (Stole that from Zombieland, Another Thing about me, I dont care what you think since like 2 people in the world might see this crap), Billy Mays commercials, cheezy jokes (I dont mean the Scienfield sit-com jokes or friends sit-com Cheezy jokes, and ESPECIALLY, not Jackie Chan Jeep ass jokes, For some reason I decided to go with Jeep, instead of Cheap, All of those oposing can kiss my white-boy Round Sort-Of-Jewish ass), I mean the Cheezy Jokes like "Why did the Chicken Cross the Road, Because he was Running From dose Hungry southern people(Notice how I didnt say Black people, I for one love rascist jokes but I feel a little Kinder now. Fyi, Southern People love KFC, not just Black people, a shitload of White people as well, hell! I love KFC and im a friggin JEW :D) or Why did the Girl fall off the Swing, She got Shot in the head". Those Kinds of Jokes.

As you can see I rant alot but this is like my "Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself:", So I must confine and tell alot about myself xD. ( yes I like XD and alot of those Jeepsy Faces, So, If you have a problem with them, Go stick it up your bumm instead of Complaining, the last thing I need on this LiveJournal is for some Friggin guy who gets pissed of at one Liners or things like XD, or "Fail", Etc. To rant on a comment from one of y logs for Over-use of the XD or XP or Lol, or Fail, or Epic, or Win, Etc. ) I do not like Complainers or Whiners, You will be made fun of and Humiliated in my Responses. Expect it.

I listen to alot of Music, Im generally an Indie Kid since I like pretty much looking for random bands of Different Genres of Music I like. I wont confine to what most people or indies would call "Indie" because I love Pop things as well. Im not a britney spears fan or some kind of Kid that Oggles over shit and Obsesses over random crap (Unless its fun Crap, like DDR, or Drumming, Or Learning how to Bake Cheeze-its, Even Blowing Bubbles). But Yeah, I also wont Critisize most things unless I have a big dislike of it, Like people who love to label others and Categorize them for their Own pleasure, or those kinds of kids that are Friggin Retarded (my own age maybe) Who dont know a Shitspock of anything in the world and Speak out of their ass most of the time.

This Ends my "Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself:" Thank you and 2Dollars would be much appreciated. (Oh... Im very sarcastic at times, I have like these Modd swings.. Nothing Serious really.. FUCKING HOBOS!.. Jk lol.. have fun reading this if you didnt get tired and say to yourself "What an annoying Fucking Kid" or "This Livejournal SUCKS", If you really did like my intro which I highly Doubt, Thank you and... 2 Dollars would really be Appreciated. lmao... )
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